In 2014, we acquired Sree Sannidhi Foods Pvt. Ltd., a company that specializes in processing tropical fruits to pulp/puree/paste/concentrate. The plant is located in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, India.

The idea behind the investment was to support local farmers of mangoes and tomatoes.

When farmers move beyond subsistence agriculture to produce surpluses, local economies experience an infusion of capital that, in turn, leads to the development of small enterprises, the formation of new markets and the injection into cash-starved economies. However, there are often major obstacles to sustaining such growth, including : the seasonal nature of agriculture, limited access to finance to purchase quality farming inputs; limited access to knowledge about good agricultural practices and appropriate technologies and limited assured market access. It is our endeavour to address these issues and thus, forge a better future for Chittoor’s rural small scale farmers.

Sree Sannidhi Foods also supports the development and improvement of storage infrastructure for commodities in order to prevent losses and to allow farmers to utlise or sell these commodities when it is more convenient or profitable.

Sree Sannidhi Foods provides farmers with a range of services, including price guarantees; assured market; provision of highest certified quality inputs; agricultural extension services at no cost to the farmer; amongst others.

The company currently provides direct employment to about 80 people, indirect employment to 500 and supports more than 4,000 small scale farmers in Chittoor.

If you are a farmer, supplier or customer, please visit


Sree Sannidhi Foods Pvt Ltd, Petapalli Village, Kamaguttapalli Post, Puthalapattu Mandal, Chittoor - 517124, Andhra Pradesh, India


Phone: +91-9000997789

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